*****UPDATE: Click here to read the November 2012 ruling from the Florida Board of Medicine determination that "probable cause did not exist"*****

You may wonder how this should concern you, especially if you don't know Dr. Dinsmore. There are a lot of facts and information presented on this website. But the bottom line is that it appears Dr. Dinsmore is being punished for wanting to keep "Care" in "Health Care," believing that:
  • Patients need care regardless of their financial or social status
  • Patients can be good partners in managing their own health if encouraged to do so
  • Patients are unique and face a variety of circumstances - the best option for one is not always the best option for everyone
Dr. Dinsmore does not desire to compete against other physicians, nor to take patients away from them. Every patient needs to find the practice that meets their expectations best, and if that is with someone else, that's OK. She also does not claim be perfect or to know everything, and does not attempt to do things beyond her expertise.

Dr. Dinsmore does, however, strive to treat patients with dignity and respect, to address more than just their medical needs, to listen to as well as educate them, and to advocate for them when necessary. She does participate in many public-service activities that benefit the common good. When did these become qualities to criticize?

And it has not been enough to simply exclude her from Florida Hospital North Pinellas. Her competitors spoke with certainty that she would be "out of business within a few months." Medical Center of Trinity would not even allow her to apply for privileges as the same group of doctors listed on the page "Vicious People" had privileges there.

What causes some of her peers to apparently feel so threatened by Dr. Dinsmore? Is this because her practice has been built primarily through word-of-mouth referrals? Even with a minimal amount of traditional advertising, her office still receives calls from at least two dozen women per week wanting to become new patients. Even after being told of her situation, at least half still insist on scheduling an appointment. Regardless of who may not care for her style because she is "different", many others are drawn to her because she is "different." 

Which brings us to what this means to you.

The impact of this injustice is not limited to Dr. Dinsmore. Obviously her family, who lived through the grueling years of medical school and residency beside her, will be uprooted from schools, friends, and the very fabric of their lives. Her staff, who work hard to provide for their own families, face unemployment through no fault of their own. Even the taxpayers lose - student loans meant to provide our country with qualified professionals can't be repaid unless a physician can practice their trade.

But ultimately, the patients and their families who have come to trust and depend on Dr. Dinsmore will lose, as will the community that she so dedicated herself to serve. And even if this does not affect you personally, you can be sure that every time a good doctor is eliminated from practicing, we all are another step closer to the day when none of us will have any choices in health care.

That is what makes this worth discussing with everyone you know.