​Florida Hospital North Pinellas, a Seventh Day Adventist hospital destroyed  the OB/GYN Practice of Dr. Mahnee Dinsmore because she helped the poor!

This website is dedicated to telling exactly how and why a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital, Florida Hospital North Pinellas in Tarpon Springs, and a group of unethical doctors destroyed the OB/GYN practice of Dr. Mahnee Dinsmore and Trinity Women's Care. Dr. Dinsmore donated a lot of her time and skill to free clinics such as Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco, the West Pasco Pregnancy Center, and the Pasco County Health Dept. She took Medicaid and indigent patients into her practice because she believed that pregnant women deserve compassionate care regardless of their circumstances. This view is obviously not shared by the administration of the supposedly Christian hospital, Florida Hospital North Pinellas. Click on Vicious People for a list of the unethical people that participated in this Criminal Fraud. Dr. Dinsmore lost her practice, her home, and her thirteen year old daughter would have panic attacks so bad she would vomit, all because of the people on that list.

Bernie McCabe, the district attorney for Pasco and Pinellas counties, refused to get involved even though I filed a complaint of fraud. His office replied that they did not involve themselves with Hospital Privilege matters.


My name is Milton M. Catlett and I alone am responsible for this website. No one on that list of vicious people dares to sue me for slander because all the allegations I make are true.