The Reason was Money!

On 08/19/2011, Dr. Mahnee Dinsmore, was falsely accused of providing below standard of care to her OB/GYN patients at Florida Hospital North Pinellas in Tarpon Springs FL. The real offense was that she admitted a large number of Medicaid OB and Health Department patients. What is more, she would not pressure her patients into unnecessary C-Sections and allowed VBAC deliveries when medically safe. The hospital reimbursement rate for a C-Section was $12,534-$16,708 with an average stay of 2.9 days as opposed to $8,105-$10,606 for a Vaginal Delivery with an average stay of 2.1 days. Dr. Jennifer Watson, (the Chair of the OB committee) had an astounding 47% C-Section rate whereas Dr. Dinsmore gave her patients their choice of delivery method if medically possible and had only a 31% rate which is below the national average. Another factor was that she admitted women with substance abuse issues that were going to deliver substance exposed neonates. This angered the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital System. administration even though they are supposedly a non-profit organization that claims to be dedicated to “Extending the healing ministry of Christ”. The hospital instituted a summary suspension of her privileges followed by a Sham Peer Review where false evidence/no evidence was presented and her privileges were terminated. There is no legal recourse as the Hospital/Medical Staff have been given immunity from legal civil charges by The Federal Medical Peer Review Privilege, as codified in the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986, 42 U.S.C. §§ 11101–15 (1986) as well as a similar Florida statute. The immunity privilege allows hospitals to revoke the staff privileges of any doctor that they or any group of competing doctors wish to remove, often for reasons not related to the quality of medical care being provided by the victim physician. They have no fear of their real motives being made public. The have the power to destroy a physician’s practice, reputation, and life with impunity. In the case of Dr. Dinsmore, thirteen false claims were made against her, later, the Florida Board of Medicine, the highest medical authority in the state, reviewed all thirteen cases and ruled that there was no probable cause but it was too late as her practice and reputation had already been destroyed. This is not the first time the Seventh Day Adventist Health System has done this to a physician. Follow this link to a newspaper article about three physicians at Park Ridge Hospital while Bruce Bergherm was VP there.


Here is another case from California:

Even more bizarre:

Adventist Health System is notorious for these types of actions. Their non-profit status is also a scam, each of their upper level executives are paid more than $400,000 per year and board members receive  more than $1,000,000 with the chairman getting approximately $3,500,000. It is very lucrative for the insiders.

​Footnote:  The only three members of The OB/GYN committee were Dr. Trent Williams, Dr. Joshua Goldman, and Dr. Jennifer Watson who were partners in Women's Care of Florida. They cooperated with the hospital to fraudulently remove her privileges. What was in it for them was that they would get a large share of her patients. They were also on staff at Medical Center of Trinity hospital and were able to prevent her obtaining privileges there. They have since transferred their practice entirely to Medical Center of Trinity hospital.