• Obstetrics Gynecology Ob/gyn Doctor in Tarpon Springs Defrauded of Privileges

    Florida Hospital North Pinellas defrauded an obstetrics gynecology physician in Tarpon Springs, FL because she accepted too many Medicaid patients.
    On August 19, 2011 Dr. Mahnee Dinsmore's ob/gyn privileges at Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital in Tarpon Springs, Florida (now Florida Hospital North Pinellas) were placed under a "precautionary suspension." She had to leave the hospital building and was not even allowed to follow up with the patient upon whom she had just completed major surgery.

    This website exists because Dr. Dinsmore did everything according to the "rules" in addressing the allegations against her, and has continued to conduct herself according to the utmost of professional standards. The "rules" are stacked against physicians in these cases, and every attempt to have a fair hearing among her peers has been dismissed without even the slightest consideration.

    Specifically, these peers include the following:
  • Bruce Bergherm, CEO, Helen Ellis Memorial  Florida Hospital North Pinellas
  • Jennifer Evans Watson, MD, Department of Obstetrics / Gynecology Chair
  • Nicolas Pavouris, MD, Medical Staff President
  • Thomas Carson, MD, Credentials Committee Chair
  • But her supporters do not have to follow the same rules, other than protect patient privacy. The toxic review process relies on fear and shame to silence the physician and keep the whole sordid mess under wraps. Other physicians who support her secretly are afraid of having the process turned on them too. Her supporters know that bringing this to the public is the only solution. And keep in mind - some of these supporters are the very patients whose cases have been "hijacked" to use against her.

    You don't have to personally know Dr. Dinsmore, nor even like her as a person. You don't have to understand the medical care in question, nor agree with her style of practice. You are not being asked to protest in order to have her reinstated. Just please read this website with an open mind, then consider the following:
  • If physicians won't treat their peers ethically, how will they treat their patients?
  • Is Adventist Health Systems (owner of  Florida Hospital  North Pinellas) stated mission of "Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ" really believable?
  • Then, ask yourself if this "review" appeared to be impartial, unbiased, logical or fair in any way.

    Doctor Dinsmore had the largest solo Obstetrics and Gynecology, OB/GYN practice in the area, Trinity Women's Care. It was forced to close because of this fraud by Florida Hospital North Pinellas.

Thank you for your time.